Diversify to Survive

In both business and life, change is inevitable.

So in order to be successful, you need to continuously think how to develop your online store further.

1. Experiment with similar niches.

You might found your niche and made quite a few sales. But think, how often do people buy new items? Once every season? Every year?

In order to keep the orders flowing in, you need to try approaching niches with similar interests or backstories.

If you’re targeting stay-at-home moms, perhaps you can offer something for stay-at-home dads? And if you’re offering products interesting for rock guitarists, it might be worth introducing yourself to drummers too.

2. Market to multiple segments.

Dividing your target audience into different segments is a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. And as we all know, personalization drives conversion.

Let’s say your products are aimed at dog lovers and you recently introduced a t-shirt to the store that says “proud dog mama”.

Now, not all dog lovers are dog owners. It would make sense to push promotions for this product to a more defined segment of your target audience, for example, women who own dogs.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that people who don’t own a dog won’t be interested in the shirt. They might know someone who does.

Your job is to target multiple segments using copy that resonates with each individual in your target audience.

3. Expand your product line.

Selling a particular item is a great start, but it can be limiting after some time. So don’t hold yourself back from introducing other types of products and accessories to your store.

If you want to stick to printed products, consider adding hoodies, phone cases, or mugs to your product catalog. Just make sure the new products go well with the entire concept of the store.

Otherwise, you might appear unprofessional.

4. Try offline opportunities.

Even though your business is operating online, there’s a lot you can do offline to grow your brand.

Exhibit your products in trade shows, local fairs, or popup markets.

If you don’t feel comfortable setting up your booth at the events like this, attend them as a visitor. And don’t forget to bring your business card along.

This will help build new partnerships, meet your customers, or simply get your name out there.

But that’s not all.

Get in touch with a local newspaper and share your story. Organize or help to organize an event for your local community. Approach brick-and-mortar stores that are interested in independent brands and introduce them to your products.

In other words, be where other people and preferably where your target audience is.

5. Keep designing.

If you want to grow your online store, you need to introduce new t-shirt designs every now and then. So keep designing.

Think of upcoming ecommerce holidays you can use to build your designs around. Add a seasonal period, or put together a limited edition collection.

Also, don’t forget to listen to your customers. What is they want to see on your t-shirt store?

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