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Without local restrictions

Make secure and fast payments from anywhere in the world with our virtual payment cards. Experience a brand new financial attitude

Fraud Protection

Our virtual credit card allows you limit the amount personal shared when you make a purchase.

Spending control

You can set up a spend limit and and choose which merchants you can pay while using your virtual card.

Manage subscriptions

Subscriptions can be difficult to manage. Monitor what exactly vendors are charging you for and cancel the card with ease.


Make quick and easy payments through your devices without the hassle of passing around a physical card.

Customer Care

Get all the support you need from our friendly agents if you have any questions about our services

Virtual Visa Cards Use Anywhere, Anytime.
Customer Satisfaction Amazing Experience
Account Management Effective & Efficient
About us Get a Virtual Card And Use It Everywhere Visa® Is Accepted.

Money. Time. Balance both.
and be Everything You Want To Be

With Brain&Paper Our powerful card-issuing platform offers countless intelligent spending features, such as anti-fraud alerts, spending limits, and integration for the most positive payment experience.

Online shopping made easy and secure.

Be financially free and utilize the full power of online shopping with Brain&Paper virtual cards.

A virtual card designed to make your life easier. Our mission is to help people with the most basic everyday needs.

Customers Testimonial

What some of Brain&Paper customers has to say:

Bruce Ingram

" I know that I can be an impulsive shopper from time to time, but now I feel like I have a safety net. I just got my virtual prepaid card and it's so much better than carrying around a pile of cash to make sure my spending stays under control. "

- Bruce Ingram Manager
Carrie George

" I have used Brain&Paper for more than a year and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I love that I can shop at Amazon, Walmart, Target and other US stores. "

- Carrie George Freelance
Angelina Okoro

" Brain&Paper card is the best way to shop online. You will never buy a VPN again for online shopping. And you will never be caught by geo-restrictions again. "

- Angelina Okoro Chef
Thomas Israel

" Brain&Paper is a great idea, and every college student needs to get one. With all the restrictions on buying things online and international shopping, you can get your hands on any item and have it delivered to your door. "

- Thomas Israel Student

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